Development of a Household Coconut Punch-cum-Splitter


  • Roshni Thendiyath
  • J. Jippu
  • C. S. Ratheesh
  • J. Sachin
  • K. L. Sreevisakh


A power operated coconut punch-cum-splitter was developed for extracting coconut water and coconut meat. The equipment mainly consists of screw rod, channel section, tapered roller bearing, pulleys, movable tray, and supporting frame, cutting blade, punch and electric motor. The nut of the screw rod was rotated with an electric motor and the drive was transmitted with a belt and pulley system. The tender coconut was placed on the top of the screw rod in natural rest position and was raised to press against either the punch or the blade fixed above the screw rod. The average energy requirement for punching and splitting of the selected range were found to be 11.74 kJ and 12.13 kJ.






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering