Present State, Potential and the Future of electrical Power Generation from Biomass Residues in Vietnam


  • Tung Dinh Nguyen


Process heat and electrical power for the countryside in Vietnam is in the state of widely absence. Actual this place has high potential to produce renewable energy by biomass and especially agricultural residues but does not have enough power to use. The source of wasted biomass from the agricultural residues is very large. Currently only a low amount of the available biomasses are used as fuels. Beside food for cattle or manure, the most is disposed of into lakes, ponds and rivers, polluting the environment and wasting the source of fuels. This article describes the present state, biomass potential in Vietnam and introduces state-of-the-art of combustion technology in the world. Especially focused is the Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) technique which is mostly favourable for Vietnam to create power generation from biomass residues in the future.






IV-Energy in Agriculture