Field Measurements of Spray Drift in Strawberry


  • Nils Bjugstad
  • Petter Hermansen


Passive drift samplers were mounted on a frame, attached to the sprayer, at 2 m behind the nozzles of different strawberry spraying systems. The spraying systems were operated at a common tractor speed of 2 m/s.  The drift samplers were made of cotton and acryl thread of 2 mm diameter, 3 m long and these were mounted horizontally on a frame at different heights up to 2.0 m above the ground. Comparing measurements at different growth stages (1. in May and 2. in August) demonstrated that drift was reduced by 75% due to the increased filtering effect of the leaf density in August. The drift from a tunnel sprayer was 10 and 13% of a reference sprayer when using an end-curtain and 55% and 37% without any end-curtain at growth stages 1 and 2, respectively.  At growth stage 1, using 80 015 nozzles at 200 mm from the plants gave a significant increase in drift compared with the similar nozzles at 100 mm from the plants. At growth stage 2 the reference sprayer at 1.0 MPa gave a significantly higher drift than at 0.5 MPa. Using AI nozzles reduced the drift significantly

Author Biography

Nils Bjugstad

Professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production