Development of a New Approach to the Characterisation and Evaluation of Earth Road Degradation Parameters

J. Madjadoumbaye, T. Tamo Tatietse, R. Medjo Eko


This article suggests the characterization of earth roads degradations using various
parameters. The considered parameters are planned to be used later on as a basis for futher
assessment of earth road degradations. Six (6) degradations were listed like most frequent
degradations encountered on earth roads in Cameroon recurring. These are namely :
corrugations, ruts, potholes, gullies, loss of materials and loss of camber. Considering the
complexity of measurement of two last degradations, they will not be studied in this work but
will be taken into account for the final evaluation.
Compared to the assessment methods used by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development (OCDE) and Laboratoire Centrale des Ponts et Chaussées (LCPC), our
approach covers a wider spectrum of measurable parameters. This enable us to describe these
degradations. Each one of them has been described through the following measurable
parameters: length, width, depth, number and size.
This approach makes use of simple tools (landmarks, tape lines, graduated wooden rules,
etc) and reveals the importance of parameters not taken into consideration in the abovementioned
methods. Survey findings have enabled us to improve the OCDE method of
degradation assessment used so far.

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