Engineering Properties of Date Palm Trunk Applicable in Designing a Climber Machine

M. Keramat Jahromi, A. Jafari, S. S. Mohtasebi, S. Rafiee


The objective of this research was to determine some important engineering properties of
date palm trunk to be utilized in the designing of a machine that will be directly connected to
the trunk and uses it as a support. The moisture content and average density of trunk were
228.98% (d.b.) and 1.16 g/cm3, respectively. Results of flexural strength showed that the
average flexural strength and flexural modulus of trunk were measured as 7.166 and 273.4
MPa, respectively. The modulus of elasticity and yield stress in parallel compressive strength
tests were 281.3 and 4.458MPa, respectively, while stress at proportional limit was measured
as 1.124MPa in perpendicular compressive strength test. The strength in perpendicular
compressive strength test was lower than in parallel compressive strength test. The maximum
load in hardness test was 0.7319 kN and the toughness was measured as 1.61 kg.m in impact
test. Flexural strength test, compressive strength tests; parallel and perpendicular to trunk
fibers, and hardness test were carried out with using Instron testing machine while impact
strength test was carried out with Amsler. These results are useful for designing of a climber
machine or robot which is directly connected to the tree trunk and uses it as a support.

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