The Development of a Manually operated Cashew Juice Extractor

B. S. Ogunsina, E. B. Lucas


A manually operated cashew juice extractor operating on screw press principle was designed,
constructed and tested. Apple crushing was by pressing a wooden piston against a steel
reinforced end plate. Juice output was 1.02 litres/hr and the average juice extraction efficiency
was 85.38 %. Three samples of the juice (fresh juice, juice stored under ambient conditions for
24hrs and refrigerated juice at 5oC) were tested for sensory evaluation. The results indicated a
significant difference (p<0.05) between the colour, taste and general acceptability of juice under
ambient storage when compared with fresh juice; but there was no significant difference in the
mouth feel. There was no significant difference between the colour, taste and mouth feel of the
refrigerated juice and fresh juice; but the difference in general acceptability was significant. The
refrigerated juice had the highest general acceptability by the panelists. The physico-chemical
characteristics show that appearance, specific gravity, pH and total soluble solids of the juice are
affected significantly (p<0.05) by storage under ambient conditions but only the specific gravity
changed significantly (p<0.05) during refrigeration. The vitamin C content of the refrigerated
juice was higher than juice stored under ambient conditions. A device of this nature can be
manufactured in small machine shops in the cashew producing developing countries for village
level applications.

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