Shattered Rice Grain Loss Attributable to the Combine Harvester Reel: Model Formulation and Fitting to Field Data

M. F. Oduori, T. O. Mbuya, J. Sakai , E. Inoue


A major issue in the design and use of the combine harvester is minimization of crop losses that
occur while using the machines. A shattered grain loss model based on the linear statistical
model is formulated, with header loss as the response variable. The independent variables,
which are functions of reel parameters and crop properties, are identified on the basis of
theoretical mechanical considerations complemented by laboratory experiments. Stochastic
aspects of the model are discussed. Subsequently, the model is fitted to header loss data that
were acquired through field measurement while harvesting a Japonica rice variety in Kyushu,
Japan, using a combine harvester that was equipped with a tined reel. The results show a good
fit of the data to the model but farther and more extensive research is recommended.

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