Use of Airborne Multi-Spectral Imagery in Pest Management Systems

Y. Huang, Y. Lan, W. C. Hoffmann.


A multi-spectral imaging system for use on agricultural aircraft was developed and tested
to provide images of fields and help farmers and crop consultants manage agricultural
lands. The results of this research indicate that the airborne MS4100 multi-spectral
imaging system has a great potential for use in areawide pest management systems, such
as weed control or detection of insect damage. Multi-spectral image processing produces
NIR, red, green, NR, NG, NDVI and NDNG indices or images, which can be used to
evaluate biomass, crop health, biotypes, and pest infestations in agricultural fields. The
classified images identify the ground land cover clusters by differentiating the variation
of spectral signatures in the image. The results of the image classification can provide
critical input to generate prescription data for precision application of crop production
and protection materials.

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