Selection of Power Tiller and Matching Equipment using Computer Program for Mechanizing Hill Agriculture

D. K. Vatsa, D. C. Saraswat


Selection of appropriate farm power and equipment is more complex and tedious due to
computational work involved in solving the equations for different cropping system,
changing soil condition and varying areas with the farmers. Thus, a computer program was
developed in turbo C++ language to compute power of power tiller and the size of equipment
by entering the essential inputs like area under different crops, cropping pattern and soil type
for a particular farm situation. The program processed these data with the help of two
options i.e. pre-defined parameters (default values) and user-defined parameters. Actual
power required as calculated through computer programming was compared with that of the
power tiller owned by the farmers with respect to area. It is evident that the farmers owning
land less than 2.0 ha, mostly possess high wattage power tiller than what is actually required.
The difference in owned power and actually required power decreased as the size of the farm
increased. Farmers having higher than 3.0 ha area have power tiller of less power than
actually required.
The program-sensitivity was checked by changing the timeliness constant (K) and price of
crop. The value of timeliness constant increased the power requirement for a particular farm
also enhanced. This is due to the fact that as timeliness constant increased, the time period to
complete a job decreased. Light soil required lesser power than heavy soil when K was
constant. The power required increased with the increase in the price of crop. The crop price
being the output of the farm, the higher it is, the greater would be the timeliness loss. The
program-sensitivity was also checked by changing the power tiller unit price which indicated
that the decrease in power required as per the increase in the price of power tiller. Thus a
power tiller of low power has to be chosen to compensate the increased input cost at the farm.
The selection of appropriate power source-equipment will be helpful for the farmers in
mechanizing hill agriculture.

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