Design Refinement of 2 Row Tractor Mounted Sugarcane Cutter Planter

S. K. Mandal, P. K. Maji


Sugarcane planting is a very labour intensive job and involves considerable human drudgery.
Cost of sugarcane planting by mechanized method is less compared to traditional methods. It
also reduces drudgery involved in unit operations of sugarcane planting. Thus, recently
developed sugarcane cutter planters are getting very good acceptance amongst sugarcane
growers Generally planting of any crop is very much important as far as the crop growth and
yield is concern. This paper describes regarding the design refinement of a sugarcane cutter
planter and its prototype development. In this machine, the complete sugarcane, which is fed
by the laborers sitting on the machine, is cut automatically into pieces before dropping into
furrows. It also opens the furrows, applies fertilizer, chemical and fungicide and also covers
the sets and presses it automatically. It is operated by 35 hp tractor and has 2 units. The
performance of the planter was evaluated in field. Its field capacity was 0.2 ha/hr with field
efficiency of 80.0 percent at effective working width of 1.35m and forward speed of 1.85
km/hr at 2nd low gear. The set length was 31.8 cm with an average overlap of 6.48 cm
observed at the speed of 2.5 km/hr. The seed rate capacity of machine was found 5.55 tones
per ha.

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