Some Physical Properties of Chick Pea Split (Cicer arietinum L.)

P. N. Ghadge, P. R. Vairagar, K. Prasad


Chickpea split of variety PBG-1 was evaluated for their basic physical
properties that are often required in order to design production processes,
equipment and evaluation of the effect of processing on nutrients, at a
moisture content of 12.97 ± 0.30% (dry basis). The average split length,
width and thickness dimensions were 6.25, 5.31 and 2.91 mm, respectively.
The geometric mean diameter, unit mass, sphericity and true density were
4.58 mm, 0.067 g, 73.46% and 1.202 g/ml respectively. However, static
coefficient of friction varied on three different surfaces from 0.30 on
galvanized steel sheet, 0.43 on Plywood to 0.45 on glass with splits
perpendicular to direction of motion, while the angle of repose was 31.86°.

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