Beware of phishing scams requesting payment to CIGR


Recently it was brought to the Presidium's attention and the Senior Editor, that CIGR members are targets of phishing scams. These are attempted via email by  using legitimate email addresses from the CIGR members and asking for payment to publish a paper.

Phishing is a scam where criminals impersonate legitimate individuals or organizations via email, text message, advertisement, or other means with an aim to steal sensitive information. This is often done by including a link that takes the victim to a legitimate looking, but fake, company’s website to fill in personal information – However, the information or money provided goes straight to the criminals behind the scam.

To avoid phishing scams make it your policy not to provide personal information via internet, phone, or any other means unless you have initiated the communication to a trusted source. Be distrustful. Phishing attempts can look very legitimate.