GIS hotspot Application and Use of Set-Cover Problem For Centralized Abattoir Biogas Plant Treatment Facilities In Anambra State of Nigeria

Emmanual Chibundo Chukwuma, Louis C Orakwe, Boniface O Ugwuishiwu, OJI ACHUKA NWOKE, E Igbokwe


Anambra state is faced with high population explosion and consequently high production of abattoir wastes in major abattoir centres in the state. There is need for strategic waste management in allocation of  bio-energy plants to digest these wastes. ArGIS software was used to perform hotspot Analysis to delineate clusters of abattoir potential features with values significantly higher or lower than the overall study area mean or average value. In addition, the set covering location model was used to determine the number of bio-energy treatment plant facilities that should be constructed in the study area and where they should be located. The result of the study indicated that eight abattoirs were classified as hotspot zones/locations (L), and consequently used in the set covering location modelling. The set covering location model indicates that a minimum of two bio-energy plant should be constructed in Obosi (L1) and Umunya (L8) of the study area. The outcome of the study would be useful in harnessing abattoir wastes generated in the study area.


Set Covering; Biogas Plant;hotspot;Location Modelling,;Abattoir Waste.

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