Effect of moisture content on physical properties of bush mango (Irvingia gabonensis) nut

NDUBISI A. AVIARA, Idowu A. iyilade, Ademola K Aremu, Samuel K Oyeniyi


The effect of moisture content on some physical properties of Bush Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) nut was studied at four moisture levels in the range of 7.52% - 20.6% (d.b). Results showed that the length, width and thickness of nut increased from 37.84 to 50.16 mm, 30.23 to 42.62 mm and 19.25 to 28.15 mm respectively, as moisture content increased in the above range. Nut sphericity decreased from 76.2% to 69.5% as moisture content increased. One thousand seed weight, bulk density, true density and angle of repose increased from 6.634 to 9.158 kg, 756.7 to 1095 kgm-3, 984.4 to 1095kgm-3 and 25.3 to 38.9o respectively, in the above moisture range. Static coefficient of friction on different surfaces increased in the order of fiber glass (0.378 to 0.394), metal sheet (0.478 to 0.499) and plywood (0.577 to 0.602) as moisture content increased. Regression analysis showed that all properties followed linear trend with moisture content.


Moisture content, dika nut, irvingia gabonensis, size, shape, gravimetric, frictional properties

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