The effect of thresher machines ,moisture grain and velocity on maize , Cadiz cultivar

salih kadhim Alwan


           The effect of thresher machines on maize , Cadiz cultivar was studied based on some technical indicators. Two types of machines (Maize thresher local M.T.L and Maize thresher MGI.Ty60) were tested at three velocity cylinder threshing  of 200,250 and 300rpm  and three ranges of grain moistures of 15%, 17% and 19%. The experiments were carried out in a factorial experiment under complete randomized design with three replications. The results showed that the Maize thresher local M.T.L machine was significantly better than the Maize thresher MGI.Ty60  machine in all studied conditions. The results showed a production process of 1.196 and 1.147 t\h, power consumption of 11.361 and 12.234 kW, cracked grain percentage of 4.024% and 4.374%, broken maize of 5.973% and 6.729%,threshing efficiency of 83.918% and 83.263% , whole grain percentage 76.851%and 76.126 and grain cleanliness of 88.845% and 87.483% for Maize thresher local M.T.L and Maize thresher MGI.Ty60 machines, respectively. The velocity cylinder threshing 200 rpm  was significantly superior to the other two levels of 250 and 300rpm in breakage percentage , cracked grain percentage , whole grain and grain cleanliness .  while the moisture content of grain at range of 15% was significantly superior to the other ranges of 17% and19% in all studied conditions


Maize, Moisture content , thresher velocity , Cadiz cultivar, thresher .

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