Agriculture Land Development Using Shell Husk as Recycle Aggregate

Siti Hanggita Rachmawati, Zakaria Hossain, Jim Shiau


Effective ground improvement technique is normally needed in improving agriculture land condition. This is to accommodate agriculture activities which have operational loadings due to tractor or rice transplanter. The use of soil - shell husk - cement combination is considered as one of the possible ground improvement techniques and it is environmental friendly. In this study, several combinations of waste shell husk and cement are investigated for its effect on soil shear strength and bearing capacity. Specimens containing 10% and 20% of waste shell husk along with 2%, 4%, 6% cement were tested using California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Direct Shear Test and Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS). Test results show that the addition of shell husk and cement typically improves the engineering properties of the soil. It is concluded that the use of soil - shell husk - cement combination for ground improvement is an effective method for agriculture land development.


waste, shell husk, ground improvement ; CBR; direct shear test; UCS

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