Design, construction and evaluation of a seed pod husker and testing with soybean and mung bean

saeed hasantabar, Seyed Reza Mousavi Seyedi, Davood Kalantari


In this research, a new rubbing threshing machine was designed, constructed and evaluated based on the equations, tables and standards of machine components design, and its performance was analyzed and compared theoretical and practical. It is made with electric motor, inverter, husking roller, mechanical jack, belt and etc. This built-in machine has a width of 300 mm, working height of 100 mm, speed between 110 to 210 rpm and a maximum power of 2 hp. The practical test was carried out on two products (soybean and mung bean). Moisture content varies between 12% and 17%, speed and the distance between drum and concave vary in three levels (110, 170 and 210 rpm) and (7, 8, 9 mm) for soybean and (6, 7, 8 mm) for mung bean, respectively. The experiments were carried out in a completely randomized design with factorial experiment in three replications. The results showed that the capacity of the machine for soybean and mung bean was 28.506 and 29.079 kg/hr, respectively. The best efficiency of the machine was 94.72%, which is related to the mung bean and was obtained at a speed of 170 rpm and a distance of 7 mm. The best separation and loss efficiency were 93% and 1.66%, which was achieved at a speed of 170 rpm and a distance of 7 mm for mung bean and soybean, respectively. The best germination efficiency was 95.53%, which was achieved at a distance of 7 mm and a speed of 110 rpm during mung bean test.

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