Mathematical Model of a Dynamic Process of Transporting a Bulk Material by Means of a Tube Scraping Conveyor

Oleh Leontiyovych Lyashuk, Yuriy Yaroslavovych Vovk, Bohdan Sokil, Volodymyr Klendii, Roman Ivasechko, Taras Dovbush


The results of theoretical studies of simultaneous transporting  the components of feed mixtures along the curvilinear paths of tubular conveyors are presented in this article. The mathematical model of a technological process of moving a bulk material (grain) by means of a cable with a connected scraper is proposed. The model is presented as a system of elastic one-dimensional bodies, which are seamlessly moved by a bulk material. Nonlinear differential equations with partial derivatives that describe the dynamics of horizontal and vertical lines of a tube conveyor under the corresponding boundary conditions are deduced. Based on researches, the technique of determining the technological parameters, which ensure the reduction of energy consumption while bulk materials with the given quality of feed mixtures, is proposed.


Mathematical model; cable; scraper; conveyor; bulk medium

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