Optimization of Ventilation Rates for Growing-finishing Piggeries

Panagiotis Panagakis-FBC, PTPE


A methodology to optimize the ventilation rates for growing-finishing piggeries having no heating or cooling systems and compare them with the current ASABE recommendations was developed. It was based on transient simulation and hourly climatic data of Heraklion in S. Greece coinciding with US climatic zone I and Kastoria in N. Greece coinciding with US climatic zone II. The ASABE values were not justifiable for both areas and during all seasons apparently resulting to higher potential heat stress for growing-finishing pigs.. At the area of Heraklion they were lower from 26% during summer up to 87% during winter,  resulting in 8393 annual hours out of the PS compared to 6504 (1.3 times more). Similarly, at Kastoria they were lower from 34% during summer up to 60% during fall resulting in 6420 annual hours outside the PS compared to 4310 (1.5 times more). The average seasonal optimum ventilation rates were proven to be more effective for Kastoria as they reduce the annual hours outside the PS by 32.8% compared to 22.5% for Heraklion.

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