Influence of production and conservation conditions on the physical-chemical properties of blueberry with modeling through artificial neural networks

Raquel P.F. Guiné, Susana Matos, Christphe Gonçalves, Fernando Gonçalves, Daniela Costa, Mateus Mendes


Blueberry is a widely consumed fruit with major economic value, appreciated due to its characteristic flavor as well as health benefits. The present work aimed to evaluate the effect of several production factors and storage conditions on some chemical and physical properties of blueberries. Some physical and chemical characteristics (moisture, acidity, sugars, color and texture) of blueberries from three cultivars, originating from five different locations and conventional or organic farming, were evaluated. The variation of the properties along time was also evaluated for storage at room temperature and refrigeration. Moreover, artificial neural network models were developed to estimate the physical-chemical characteristics of the blueberries, as influenced by the production and conservation factors considered. The results showed that all the characteristics considered varied according to cultivar, place of cultivation and production mode. The storage conditions also induced changes in the chemical components as well as in color and texture. The changes were dependent on type and duration of storage, cultivar and production mode. Weight analysis of the ANN models highlighted the patterns and trends observed experimentally.


artificial neural network, conservation, colour, production mode, texture

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