Power Saving Approach based on Time Triggered Architecture for Wireless Accelerometer System



The development of a wireless embedded system for classifying and monitoring the animal behaviors has become increasingly appealing in animal production and health monitoring purposes. In recent years, there has been emphasized on using wireless accelerometer system to identify the cow behaviors because this can offer significant data for efficient classification. However, while implementing such system in outdoor environments, the high power consumption of wireless transceiver is one of the main drawbacks and shown to be a big challenge to maintain especially when transmitting data through XBbee RF modules. To fulfill the requirements of power reduction, this paper proposes a technique based on the time-triggered architecture for controlling the transmitted rate of XBbee RF modules. In the proposed architecture, when the cow changes its behavior from one to another, resulting in XBee RF module is in active mode. Otherwise, the cow does not change its behavior resulting in XBbee RF module is in sleep mode. The results show that the proposed architecture can help to achieve a significant reduction in power consumption of the wireless embedded system and improve the battery lifetime.


Wireless embedded system, XBee module, Accelerometer, Cow behaviors.

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