Study of the correlation between foliar and patternator deposits in a “Tendone” vineyard

Simone Pascuzzi, Francesco Santoro, Giuseppe Manetto, Emanuele Cerruto


The correct sprayer setting, with the appropriate selection of the operative parameters such as forward speed, airflow rate, volume rate, and distribution profiles according to the geometrical and morphological features of the target, is a key point in all phytosanitary treatments.  The assessment of distribution profiles usually requires the use of patternators, able to intercept the spray jet and then to provide information useful for sprayer calibration.  The present paper analyses the correlations between foliar deposits measured during treatments in a “tendone” vineyard and the quantities of mixture intercepted by a patternator (distribution profile) used during the preliminary calibration of the sprayer, assuming the Leaf Area Index (LAI) of the vineyard as reference.  All correlations between patternator deposits and LAI of the vineyard and between foliar deposits and patternator deposits were statistically significant, so demonstrating the importance of patternators as powerful tools during the sprayer calibration process.


Sprayer calibration; Leaf Area Index; distribution profiles

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