Design a Combined Machine for Seedbed Preparation

dina Saber Salama, Sabreen KH Pibars, Yossry B. Abdelhay, mohamed Y. Tayel, Gamal M. Nasr


Soil preparation is a very important part of the grain production process as it is necessary to maximize the possible yield. The mechanical soil preparation assists better water and air circulation and fertilizer dissolving in soils, which can increase the grain yield. The aim of this investigation was to design a new combined machine for seedbed preparation in one trip and assesses its effect on some soil physical properties and crop yield. Field experiments were carried out on clay loam, three diverse tillage methods were conducted under the same conditions of soil moisture content, operating speed and plowing depth. The tillage methods were: new combined (NCM), traditional method (TM) and no tillage method (NT). Results Clarified that the new combined machine achieved better values of the soil physical properties and increased onion yield compared to the other tillage methods. The (NCM) decreasing soil bulk density by 19% based on (NT) method and 12% based on (TM). It also increasing soil total porosity by 35.16% based on (NT) method and 8% based on (TM). The (NCM) maximizing crop yield by 63.5% and 48.2% based on crop yield in (NT) and (TM) respectively. The obtained results recommended using NCM in seedbed preparation for onion crop which planted in clay loam soil under the studied conditions.  


Seedbed preparation, combined machine, soil physical properties, onion yield, clay loam soil.

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