Impact of incorporating Moringaoleifera seed cake as protein source in growing lambs ration.

Soad Ibrahim El-Naggar


Thirty growing Rahmani lambs (27.25 kg ± 0.25 kg average body weight 6-7 months old) were used to evaluate the impact of incorporating Moringaoleifera seed cake as protein source in a total mixed ration (TMR) for 90 days feeding trial followed by 21 day digestion. Moringaoleifera seed cake (MSC) was used for partial substitution of soybean meal protein by (0, 25 and 50 %) in three experimental rations, control (R1), R2 and R3, respectively. Results indicated that the feeding lambs on R3 recorded a significant (P<0.05) increases in all of nutrients digestibility and nutritive value compared with R1 or R2. All of rumen parameters, pH, ammonia and total volatile fatty acids, were in normal ranges as an indication of healthy.  Also, the highest average daily gain recorded with R3 (222.2 g) followed by R2 (208.3g) and R1 (203 g). Thus, it could be concluded that MSM can use as protein source in a TMR for growing lambs rations up to 50 %. And more studies were needed to evaluate different levels replacement for MSM as protein source in the rations of ruminant.


Moringa cake, lambs, digestibility, growth

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