The ability of some woody trees to remove some of soil pollutants

Sami Ali Metwally Mohamed


A Pot experiments was carried out in National Research Centre Cairo Egypt during two successive seasons  2015 /2016 to investigate the effect of  pollutants soil by ( Zn,Cd and Pb ) on Harpullia pendula, Sterculia acerifolia and Ficus racemosa growth. Cadmium as cadmium carbonate was added at the rate of 0.089/Kg soil+Liad as liad carbonate was added to the rate of 0.08 Kg soil+Zn as Zink citrate was added at the rate of 1-2 g/Kg soil, all this were added and thoroughly mixed with before cultivation. Results showed that, Pb+Cd+Zn applied in combination have been proved effective in increasing plant height, number of leaves, root length, as well as stem diameter and fresh weight and dry weight of leaves and roots of Sterculia acerifolia tree compared with untreated tree. On the contrary, root length, stem diameter and dry weight not affected and approximately equal to the untreated plants in both  of Harpullia  and Ficus plant. The highest values concentration of ( Zn+Cd+Pb ) was found in roots of all trees. While the previous heavy metals recorded lowest concentration in leaves of the three mentioned plants compared to control. All  Harpullia pendula, Sterculia acerifolia and Ficus racemosa trees showed higher tolerance to heavy metals Zn, Cd and Pb especially  Ficus racemosa  tree accumulated the higher Cd in roots.

Key words: heavy metals, ornamental plants, soil pollutant

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