Ability of some woody trees for growth under the stress of irrigation with wastewater

Azza Mazher


This experiment was carried out during two successive seasons of 2014 and 2015 at the National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt, to investigate the effect of irrigation with two types of water (Tap water and Waste water) on growth, and chemical composition of some seedlings of woody trees (Terminalia angustifolia, Rademachera ignea  and Ficus mango). Growth parameter (plant hight(cm), No. of leaves/plant, length of root (cm) and stem dimeter (cm) increased significantly in all seedlings by using waste                              water than tap water, except in Rademachera ignea  seedlings irrigated with tap water significantly increased number of leaves compared with wastewater. Irrigation with wastewater significantly increased fresh and dry weight of leaves, stems and roots in all seedlings , except in stems of Rademarchera ignea seedlings which wastewater decreased fresh weight of stems compared with tap water. Total carbohydrates increased in leaves and roots in Terminalia ,in leaves in Rademarchera ignea and in stems in Ficus seedlings by using wastewater. Chlorophyll a,b increased in Terminalia angustifolia and Rademarcher ignea a when treated with wastewater, while carotenoids increased by tap water treatment. In Ficus mango seedlings chl.a ,b and carotenoids increased by using tap water. Treating all seedlings  with wastewater  increased zn and pb in leaves while in stems wastewater increased zn and pb in Rademarchera ignea and in Ficus mango  seedlings, while pb increased by using wastewater in Terminalia angustifolia seedlings. N content increased in leaves in all seedlings, in stems and roots of Terminalia angustifolia by application tap water, but in roots of  Rademarchera ignea and Ficus mango seedlings increased  by using wastewater. P content increased in Ficus mango and Terminalia angustifolia  seedling in leaves by using tap water ,wastewater increased p content in Terminalia angustifolia, and Rademarchera ignea seedling in stem ,while tap water increased p content in Rademarchera ignea and Ficus mango seedlings in roots. K content increased in all organs in three seedlings by using wastewater .

Key words: Wastewater, Tap water,  Terminalia angustifolia, Rademachera ignea  and Ficus mango seedlings, Growth, Chemical constituents.

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