The effect of air distributor shapes at fish ponds on the dissolved oxygen in water

Amal Awad


Fish is one of the most important sources of protein food. A part of protein shortage problem in developing countries especially Egypt could be solved by aquaculture. Aeration is widely used in fish culture and many types of aerators have been tested for effectiveness. The aim of this research is to find out the best air distributor shapes to supply fish ponds with the enough dissolved oxygen (concentration and saturation). To achieve this aim Seven forms of air distribution density was used in addition to Two different inter-holes diameters (1mm – 2mm) and Two different inter-holes distances (15cm – 30cm). This study was carried out during seasons 2014 inside a private farm located at Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, Egypt. The results revealed that, the best shape of air distributors was big spiral shape (S1) as it achieved the highest bubbles free moving, distribution and diffusion on the pond and also significantly distance from sides or walls as well as air bubbles were away from each other.


distributor shapes; dissolved oxygen

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