Design, development and statistical optimization of ginger peeling machine

Shiva Holker, Kshitiz Kumar, Lochan Singh, vijay Singh Sharanagat


The present research aims at developing a ginger peeling machine which can peel the outer skin of ginger with less mass loss. Machine and product parameters for the developed ginger peeler were optimized. Fresh gingers with moisture content 87.47% and pre-treated with 1%NaOH solution exhibited highest peeling efficiency (70.20%), followed by hot-water soaking and overnight soaking. At constant moisture content, reverse trend was observed for mass loss. Highest mass loss of about 4.13% was seen with hot water soaked samples, followed by overnight soaking and NaOH treatment. Gingers with 87.47% moisture content and with pre-treatment at 1% NaOH solution exhibited maximum peeling efficiency.

Keywords: Ginger, Peeling machine, Peeling efficiency, Pre-treatment.

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