Assessing efficacy of jojoba crushed seed and oil cake on growth vigor, nutritional status of Superior grapevine cuttings and controlling the root-knot nematode

Omaima M. Hafez


The increasing demand for environmental protection and sustainable food production requires increasing towards the use of natural and non-toxic materials for agriculture. Thus, the target of the current research was assessing the efficacy of jojoba crushed seed, oil cake (seed after compressing) and bio-nematicide (Nema-Foo®) on growth and nutritional status of Superior grapevine cuttings as well as controlling Meloidogyne incognita in the Pomology greenhouse at NRC, Dokki, Giza, under Egyptian conditions during two successive seasons (2015-2016). Eleven treatments were done on Superior grapevine cuttings (one year old) as jojoba crushed seed and jojoba oil cake (3 and 6 g, for each) with or without infection, Nema-Foo® (5 %) with infection were added, in addition to untreated control (infected and uninfected plants). Generally, our results showed that all studied growth parameters, nutritional status and resistance to nematodes of Superior grapevine cuttings were affected by various treatments. Jojoba crushed seed and oil cake had a promotion effect as they increased most of the growth parameters, leaf nutrient contents and controlling root-knot nematode. The higher dose of these materials (6 g) showed higher effect on the previous measurements. It is worth mentioning that jojoba crushed seed were more effective than jojoba oil cake in this regard.


Superior grapevine cutting, vegetative growth, nutritional status, controlling root-knot nematode

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