Anpilpay 2.0: a New Human Powered Press for Producing Straw Bales for Load Bearing Constructions

Walter FRANCO, Dario Anastasio, Carlo Ferraresi, Francesco Gondino, Giuseppe Quaglia, Lorenzo Soprana


This paper provides the design method to realize a human-powered press for continuous production of high-density straw bales, necessary for the realization of load bearing housing modules. Particular attention is directed to the simplicity of the press mechanical structure, in order to make possible its construction in developing countries. The design process is fully described, then the use of a prototype press for the realization, with high-density rice straw bales, of a load bearing housing module is presented and the results are commented.


load bearing straw bale construction; slider crank mechanism synthesis; human powered baler; hand-operated machine; post-emergency reconstruction; appropriate building

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