Design, fabrication and testing of soya milk production and pasteurization mini plant



A soya milk production and pasteurization plant was designed, fabricated and tested.  The machine processed soaked soya milk to milk and also pasteurized it. Its major component parts include blending chamber, blending blade, furnace, boiler, temperature gauge and pasteurization chamber. The blending of soya beans, mixing the slurry and extracting the milk from the paste takes place in the milling chamber. The burning of biomass (briquette) takes place in the furnace and heating of water at the boiler. The pasteurization takes place in the pasteurizer.  The machine capacity is 750 litres in 8 hours operational time per day. The results of testing of the machine revealed that blending efficiency and yield of milk were 88.16 %, 98.52 % respectively. The selected pasteurization temperature and time used were 84oC and 30 seconds. The machine was able to increase shelf life of raw soya milk from 24 hours (1 day) to 48 hours (2 day) when stored under room temperature and to 144 hours (6 day) when stored at temperature of 4oC (refrigerated).


Soya milk, production, pasteurization and plant.

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