Performance evaluation of PV ventilated hybrid greenhouse dryer under no load condition

Mondru Madhava, Sivala kumar, D Bhaskara rao, Smith D D


The PV ventilated hybrid greenhouse dryer was designed and fabricated for drying of food grains. The greenhouse dryer with 446.7 X 213.4 cm size and with central height of 259 cm was constructed using 50.8X25.4 mm MS pipe, 19X30.2 mm MS angles. Clear twin wall polycarbonate sheet with 6 mm thick was used insulate the greenhouse dryer structure. Performance evaluation was conducted under no load test condition. It was observed that, the average temperature inside the dryer was 7.6-13.40C and 6.3-13.20C (22-43%) higher and average relative humidity was 26-47% and 23-40% lower than ambient temperature and relative humidity during May and December months respectively. Exhaust air flow rate varied in the range of 38.93-81.95 m3/min and 28-63 m3/min during May and December respectively. Elevated greenhouse dryer air temperature and reduced relative humidity would reduce the drying time considerably.


Greenhouse dryer, photovoltaic, forced ventilation, performance evaluation

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