Effect of two drying processes about soybean seed quality

Daniela Laoretani, Maria Cristina Gely, Susana Nolasco


This work studies the effects of two drying processes on quality soybean seed. This study comparing simultaneously the effects of two drying processes: the dry-aeration process and conventional drying process. Two drying temperatures (60 and 80°C) and two tempering times (30 and 120 min) were investigated. The seed quality variables analyzed were: break tegument and germinating power. Results show that both drying processes were negative effect on quality seed but dry-aeration process cause less damage. The dry-aeration process to less temperature and higher tempering time caused less damage that conventional drying process about germinating power and integrity integument of soybean seed. In dry-aeration process, the higher tempering times (120 min.) show a positive effect on quality soybean seed. For analysis of temperature, the most damages were to higher temperature.


Dry-aeration; conventional drying; drying temperature; tempering time; soybean seed

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