Regression model of sunflower seed separation and the investigation of it’s germination in corona field

seyyed hossein fattahi


Seed separation and cleaning is one of the important processes in obtaining pure high quality seed. The main characteristics that influence the ability to separation seeds are seed size (length, width, and thickness), shape, density, surface texture, terminal velocity, resilience, color, and electrical conductivity. Electrostatic separation is based on differences in the ability of particles to develop and maintain electric charges. In this study, a high tension roll‐type electrostatic separator was constructed to separation of sunflower’s seed in order to extraction of pure seed and remove impurities. An extended corona discharge field was generated by three wire type electrodes in the roll-type separator. The experiment was performed in the form of factorial analysis based on a randomized complete block design with three replications. The pure sunflower’s seed was measured in the treatment combinations of the rotational speed (40, 50 and 60 rpm), electrode distance from roll (4, 5 and 6 cm) and the power supply voltage (20, 30 and 40 kV). The linear regression model carried out for investigation of the impact of effective factors on sunflower separation. The result showed that rotational speed had the greatest impact on ideal separation. The germination experiment showed that the electric field of this separator had no significant effects on improving the germination of sunflower seed

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