Criteria for the Extraction of Fish Oil



The effect of pre-treatment of mackery (Scomber scombrus) on oil recovery and quality was investigated. Fish oil was extracted using the screw expeller press after heat pre-treatment of the fish sample. The effect of cooking temperatures and cooking times was evaluated. It was observed that the oil yield has a positive relationship with cooking temperature. The oil yield increased with increasing cooking temperature at all the cooking times investigated and also increased with increasing cooking time from 5-15 minutes and then decreased for 20 minutes cooking time at all the cooking temperatures investigated. The results revealed that a highest yield of 22.8 % was obtained when the fish was treated at 90 0C cooking temperature for 15 minutes. The lowest oil yield of 16.5 % was obtained for the conditions of 60 0C cooking temperature and 5 minutes cooking time. Analysis of oil quality indices (e.g. colour, specific gravity, refractive index, free fatty acid value, saponification value. iodine value, peroxide value, unsaponifiable matter and microbiological analysis) of oil extracted by non pre-treatment and heat pre-treatment indicated that mackery oil from both processes has comparatively similar fatty acids composition. In addition, mackery fish oil was extracted by heat pre-treatment and mechanical press had lower lipid oxidation compared to several standards.


Criteria, Fish Oil, Pre-treatment, Extraction, Oil yield

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