Modelling of the rotational - vibration generator for the flow fruit detachers

Stoyan Savov Ishpekov


The investigation aims at modelling the dynamics of rotational vibration generator, which is widely used for driving flow fruit detachers at harvesting of many crops like grape, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, chokeberry, black currant, sesame seeds etc. The research on this model has been digitally performed by software, written in FORTRAN and by using the LabView environment as input-output interface. Identification of unknown model coefficients has been carried and their influence upon precision of the model has been determined. The effect of vibration generator parameters upon its dynamic characteristics has been defined. The synthesized model reaches a relative error for the carrier angular amplitude of 0.48 % compared to the one, determined by an experimental fruit detacher. It has been found out that the angular amplitude of vibration generator is unstable parameter, which is a prerequisite for quality indices reduction of the fruit detacher. This demands its construction modification in order to provide independent regulation of vibration amplitude and frequency, as well as for setting the ratio of angular amplitudes in both directions of carrier rotation. The obtained results can be used for design and adjustment of rotational vibration generator for flow fruit detacher.


flow fruit detacher, rotation vibration generator, modelling

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