Some Physical Properties of Tawain (Hexalobus crispiflorus A. Rich.) Fruit

Ifiemi Ocholi-Tulagha, AbdulGaniy Olayinka RAJI


Some engineering properties of Tawain (Hexalobus crispiflorus A. Rich.) a rare wild fruit in the thick rain forest riverine zones of tropical region were investigated. The fruits are only available and used during the harvesting period hence the properties were determined at three harvesting periods of two-week intervals corresponding to three moisture levels using standard methods. Moisture content decreased from 58.95 to 55.93% over the period. Mean dimensions ranged from 77.68 to 87.86 mm in length; 47.15 to 54.32 mm in width; 50.93 to 59.03 mm in thickness; sphericity 0.74 to 0.75 and aspect ratio of 0.57 to 0.62 in aspect ratio suggesting an ellipsoid shape. Porosity, true and bulk density decreased with increasing harvest date. Coefficient of static friction on galvanized steel, wood  and glass decreased with delayed harvest. The data generated are useful in the design of systems for handling and processing of tawain fruits.


Physical Properties; Tawain; Rare wild fruit; Handling and processing; Harvesting

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