Optimization of extraction of deoiled rice bran protein and its utilization in wheat based cookies

Gurleen Singh Mann, Surekha Bhatia, Dr. Amarjeet Kaur, Dr. M S Alam


Deoiled rice bran protein  was extracted using alkali extraction method Optimization of protein extraction by alkali extraction method was done using box-behnken design of response surface methodology (RSM). Yield and protein content of protein concentrate were found to be affected by extraction conditions viz. bran/water ratio, pH and time. pH had most significant effect on yield of protein concentrate followed by time of extraction and bran/water  of extraction solvent. Optimum process variables for extraction of protein concentrate from deoiled rice bran were 0.175 bran/water ratio, 9.5 pH of solution and 45 min of extraction time which gave 8.63% yield of protein concentrate having protein content of 83.75%. Albumin (37.23%), globulin (20.27%) and glutelin (46.82%) were found to be three major fractions of deoiled rice bran protein concentrate, while prolamin (1.18%) was a minor component. Highest antioxidative activity was detected in albumin fractions followed by glutelin, then globulin. Deoiled rice bran protein concentrate was incorporated on cookies at 1%, 2% and 3% level by replacing the wheat flour. Cookies with 1% level of incorporation of deoiled rice bran protein concentrate were most liked by the panel of semi trained judges.


deoiled rice bran, protein, yield, extraction conditions, cookies

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