A study the effect of two machine types in some technical indicators

salih kadhim Alwan


The experiment has been conducted to evaluate the effect in some technical indicators of  husking and whitening machines for cultivar rice (DM), in the labrotaries of the Tehran University in 2015. This research includes the using of two types of  machines (Satake and Yanmar),),under three clearance between cylinders levels  0.4 , 0.6 and 0.8  mm  and three grain moisture levels  10-12% , 12- 14% and 14-16%. The results showed that the Satake type machine is significantly better than the Yanmar type machine in all studies properties  .While clearance o.8 significant superiorly on two  0.4,0.6 mm levels as well as moisture cotent of grain 10-12%  is superior significantly on two 12-14%,14-16% levels in  all studied properties . The best results have come from the triple overlap among Satake type machine, grain moisture 10-12%, and clearance 0.8 mm in all studies properties .  


Husking ,Grain moisture content , Machine , Clearance, Rice , Technical indicators

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